Compassionate, Professional & Experienced In-Home Cat Care & Home Sitting Services

Including cats with special dietary & medication needs.

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Our Background

We know just what it is like to be a pet sitting client. We have raised our own cats and dogs for over 25 years. All of our caregivers have cats of their own and know what is needed to care for cats in the absence of their owner. Our caregivers represent over one hundred years of experience in caring for and raising cats.

We have all had to board our cats at one time or another and can truly understand why our clients appreciate such a service as No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc.

No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc. is owned and managed by Noreen McAneney, President. N.P.L.H. is in its fifthteenth successful year of operation and is veterinarian recommended in the Greater Toronto Area.

All of our caregivers are well experienced both personally and professionally in caring for cats.

We provide only top quality, knowledgeable, professional, personable and prompt service.

How No Place Like Home Got Started.


Our Cats...Our Family

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Professional references available. Bonded & Insured. Veterinarian Assistant. Experience Veterinarian recommended.


We specialize in caregiving for cats in the comfort and security of their own environment, your home.

Our services also include home sitting/security services while you are away at no extra cost.

We provide a consultation meeting with you and your pet(s) before you go away, at a convenient time in the privacy of your own home.

This interview is a time for you to get acquainted with us and to discuss the services, schedules and special care your pet(s) will require while you are away.

Each contract is designed to meet you and your cat's needs.

Your pets receive their meals at the time you feed them.

Pets always receive fresh water at every visit.

Your pets receive their necessary medications.

Your pets get plenty of playtime/exercise and companionship while you are away.

No Place Like Home cat sitting services also serves as a crime deterrant while you are away from home. Your pet's and home's security is paramount. We collect your mail, newspapers and flyers. We will rotate your lights/window coverings, put out your garbage/recycle bins, water your indoor plants, check heating/air conditioning and more.

For an additional fee, we provide special cat-spa services like nail clipping, ear swabbing, daily brushing and healthy treats!

We love and care for your cats like you do. We will ensure that they receive lots of love and attention. After all, there's No Place Like Home Cat Sitting!

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  • Stress-free environment
    Peace of mind for you and your pet.

  • Pet(s) are waiting for you at home.

  • Maintenance of pets's usual routine.
    Home prepared meals.

  • No exposure to other animal's parasites.

  • Freedom of home, guaranteed companionship, exercise, treats, genuine love and care and Quality time.

  • Comfort and cleanliness of home.

  • Vacant home care and security checks.

  • Maintenance of medication.
    You direct your pet's care.



  • Transport to and pick up from the boarding facility

  • You and your pet(s) must conform to the facility's routine.

  • Expense and inconvenience of disease or veterinary visits and added vaccinations, e.g. Kennel cough.

  • Confinement, loneliness.

  • Group pet accommodations.

  • Hiring a vacant home service or leaving your home unattended.
    Imposing on friends, family or neighbours who may forget.

  • Other persons direct your pet's care.


Word of Mouth

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"To everyone at No Place Like Home, especially Christine, thank you for taking such great care of Seffie & Minou. I don't think they even noticed we were gone, Christine spoiled them rotten with lots of love and brushing."

Anne & Jamie

Green Eyed Cat

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for letting me know about Freya's excessive drinking and urinating, which I probably wouldn't have noticed. The vet just got the results of her blood test, she doesn't have diabetes, she does have impaired kidney function. We have changed her diet and will be giving her subcutaneous fluids to help flush her out. Once again, I really appreciate your alertness and concern."


Kitty Scratch

"We are always happy to have you and Clara look after the kitties while we are away. With our thanks."



Mon - Fri: 7 am - 8 pm
Sat: 7 am - 8 pm
Sun: 7 am - 8 pm


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