Orange Tabby Cat


The nineties has brought many changes to our world including changes in demographics, lifestyle and the fact that pets have become the forefront of our lives as the "new family members".

The lifestyle and role of the cat has changed right along with the nineties. Once common to only be thought of as an outdoor "roaming" animal, the city cat has now taken center stage in our personal lives. We have taken the cat from its natural habitat and forced it to adapt to our lifestyles in order to fulfill our human need for companionship.

The cat has become dependent on us for food, shelter, healthcare, and most of all love and affection. Your cat is so attached to you, that you may not realize how strong this attachment is.

For all the satisfaction that you receive from being a cat owner, is it not worth it to ensure that you cat's mental and physical health is a priority in your life?

This is where No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc. comes in. Our background has provided us with the added value of being excellent with animals in terms of relating to their behavioral, general healthcare, nutritional needs and genuinely love them. We care about their well-being. We know what they need, deserve and like.

We know you demand the highest level of competent care and professional service at a competitive price. We wouldn't settle for anything less, so why should you or your cat(s)!?